SIGEL JN602スパイラルノートベーシックジョリー、約A5、点線、ハードカバー、120ページ、黒/青

SIGEL JN602スパイラルノートベーシックジョリー、約A5、点線、ハードカバー、120ページ、黒/青

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  • モデル番号を入力してください これが適合するか確認:
  • Sturdy spiral bound journal tropical pattern on a matt motif print
  • Dotted, 120 perforated pages, format approx. A5 (16, 2 x 21, 5 cm)
  • Due to the double loop wire binding, The pages lie completely flat when opened (360° rotation)
  • Ideal as a bullet journal and for hand lettering due to the 100 gsm white ink-proof pages.
  • Beautiful detail: the endpapers echo the cover design

Spiral Notebook in black/blue. Sturdy hardcover jacket with a mystic, tropical pattern on a matt motif print, with black spiral binding. Contains 120 dotted pages made of 100 GSM white paper, ideal for drawing, illustrating and note-taking. All sheets are micro-perforated and detach cleanly from the book. Due to the sturdy double loop Wire binding, The pages lie completely flat when opened (360° rotation). The robust hardcover serves as a smooth writing surface when out and about. Quick pocket inside the back cover. The pad is similar to A5 in size. Fsc-certified.


ひろしま SIGEL JN602スパイラルノートベーシックジョリー、約A5、点線、ハードカバー、120ページ、黒/青